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A New Infographic to guide Healthcare Workers

Evelyn and Tom McKnight had the privilege of presenting to the Central Illinois Chapter of the Association of Professionals in Infection Control last week. Here four infection preventionists discuss the new infographic that gives guidance on the single dose/multidose vial issue. See the infographic at http://oneandonlycampaign.org/single-dose-multi-dose-vial-infographic

“I’ll be clicking my high heels all over the world about injection safety”

Kim James is an employee health nurse at Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn and member of the New York One & Only Campaign workgroup. Here she talks about her passion for injection safety.

Hello everyone my name is Kim James and I am a nurse practitioner in charge of occupational health at Brookdale hospital. As a nurse practitioner one of my concerns is injection safety, especially among healthcare workers. In doing research for our Informative Day for workers in injection safety, I ran across the CDC’s One and Only Campaign.

In that Campaign I found out and was horrified by the fact that so many consumers have contracted HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C from healthcare providers. That knowledge so moved me that I have decided to really take action and to do my part to help spread the word and to see if I can in any way contribute to stemming this absolutely unfortunate practice.

I have a saying that I will be “clicking my high heels all over the world” as I try to get this message out.

I like to travel and one of the things I like doing is a little bit of community service when I go to visit. So I plan to share this knowledge every place I go. If anyone will listen to me even for a minute, I‘m going to do the very best I can with my last breath to stem unsafe injection practices that are harming our patients.

HONOResponse: Why the North Dakota Investigation is Representative

Steve Langan, director of HONOReform
Steve Langan, director of HONOReform

Here’s the situation as we know it: as many as 30 residents, all 60 years old or older, who live at ManorCare Health Services in Ward County, North Dakota, have recently been found to be infected with the same strain of hepatitis C. Its suspected that some aspect of medical care is the cause of all of the cases.

It’s sad but true. And it happens all the time. There have been over 50 confirmed outbreaks of hepatitis C in the United States over the last 12 years. There have also been thousands of patient notification letters sent, after discovery that some aspect of the medical injection process was done improperly. Many times, there is no known disease transmission, which is a great relief for patients and their loved ones. But, oftentimes, there is. Read more

HONOReform Presents Plan to Prevent Drug Diversion by Steve Langan

Panel discussion at NH Hospital Assn 2013 meeting
Preventing Drug Diversion Panel, NHHA meeting

I am grateful I had the opportunity participate in the annual New Hampshire Hospital Association meeting, September 22-24 in Bretton Woods.

The staff of NHHA, led by Steve Ahnen, the president, along with the board of directors, is clearly committed to the prevention of drug diversion—in New Hampshire and beyond. Read more

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